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We are always looking for highly motivated and talented people to join my lab.

Driven by societal challenges, the goal of our research is to develop efficient computational tools and algorithmic approaches to formulate and solve complex, interconnected system design and autonomous decision making problems. Our interests include future mobility and energy systems, autonomy (with a focus on planning and control), optimization, compositionality in engineering, game theory, and applied category theory.

Prospective Masters/Ph.D. students: I am part of LIDS, IDSS, and CEE, and will be considering candidates primarily via CEE, SES (IDSS), EECS, ME, Transportation, TPP, AeroAstro, and OR. If you are interested in working with me, a) apply to any of these programs, b) make sure to mention my name in your application, and c) write me an e-mail (at gzardini at with subject "Prospective student - YOURNAME", attaching your CV, a brief description of your research interests, why you are interested in working with me, and any relevant material.
You can find details about doctoral programs at MIT here.

Current Undergraduate/Masters/Ph.D. students: please follow the same instructions as above, but using subject "Current student - YOURNAME".

Useful resources

The application process for Ph.D. positions can be challenging and opaque. Please check the following resources for useful information. Credits to my friend Andrea Bajcsy (CMU) for providing some of the links below. Feel free to suggest new entries if you see fit.