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Driven by societal challenges, the goal of the Zardini Lab at MIT is to develop efficient computational tools and algorithmic approaches to formulate and solve complex, interconnected system design and autonomous decision-making problems. Applications feature society-critical problems in mobility, logistics, autonomy, automotive, aerospace, energy, and complex systems in general. The lab, comprised of researchers equipped with strong mathematical skills and diverse engineering backrounds, solves such problems by employing and enhancing techniques from optimization, control theory, game theory, domain theory, and applied category theory.

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The lab will officially hit the ground in summer 2024!

Upcoming talks by Prof. Zardini:
  • 06/27/24: Seminar at NASA JPL, Pasadena
  • 06/28/24: Special Seminar at Caltech
  • 10/11/24: Seminar at UC Santa Barbara
  • 11/20/24: GRASP SFI Seminar at UPenn


6/14/2024 - Check out Gioele's interview in the IEEE Control Systems Magazine
5/29/2024 - Gioele gave a Seminar at AI4SD, Oslo, Norway (remote)!
5/15/2024 - Check out the teaser for the new special subject taught in the Fall by Gioele, 1.S980: Applied Category Theory for Engineering Design (ACT4ED)!
4/25/2024 - Gioele gave a talk at the Topos Institute Colloqium, check it out!
4/10/2024 - Gioele gave a seminar at the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Southern Califoria, hosted by Pierluigi Nuzzo.
4/3/2024 - Gioele gave a talk at the MIT Mobility Forum, kindly hosted by Prof. Jinhua Zhao. Have a look at the recording!
4/2/2024 - Our work 'On the Co-Design of Components and Racing Strategies in Formula 1' has been accepted in the 2024 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium. This is exciting work in collaboration with ETH and Ferrari!
4/1/2024 - First day of the lab's website! We will officially hit the ground in the Fall.

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